30 second Binary Options Trading




30-second binary options trades are similar to 60-second binary options trades in that trades are based on High/Low predictions, high/low are the most basic and common form of binary options. With this type of trade, you simply look at an asset, select which way you think that assets price is going to move, either higher or lower from its current price before the 30 seconds elapses. When the time elapses your trade expires and you are either in the money if you predicted the move correctly or out the money if you predicted incorrectly.

Up until recently the 60 second options were the fastest trade times available but there is now a growing trend for 30 second options, they are exactly the same as 60 second options apart for they expire twice a quickly and are a great way to trade a news event



A 30 Second Trade Example



A trader who trades forex has a chart up on the GBP/USD and thinks he has spotted a short term play, the binary option broker that he uses offers 30 second trading  and the trader is confident that after a sudden spike in the pair that the rate will drop back. The traders selects the asset GBP/USD and the amount that he wishes to stake in this case $100 and selects lower and then places the trade, if correct the pay-out will be 80%. With theses 30 second trades almost instantly you know the result and in this instance the trader was correct and the trader finds himself $80 up in 30 seconds.

30 second trading is not for everyone but if you wish to only have short wait and like the rush of trading over a short time span then 30 second trading is for you.


If your broker is not offering 30 second trading yet, it is possible they may do soon, but if you wish to join the rush of this new ultra short term trading then 24 Option.com has a first class offering with a well-designed and intuitive platform.


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