adds Asian Contracts to platform


Asian-UpDown have been busy upgrading their platform to provide yet more ways for their clients to trade binary options. With the latest upgrade to the trading platform clients now have the opportunity to purchase Asian contracts on the unique Random Indices.

What Are Asian Contracts

Asian contracts pay out if the spot price at expiry time is higher or lower, than the average of the prices traded through (by the same market), over the duration of the contract.

The greatest advantage of these contracts is that the barrier is not predetermined at the time of purchase. Unlike fixed-barrier contracts, the barrier of an Asian contract changes with every new spot! This means that, if you purchase an Asian “Rise” contract and the market immediately falls, the barrier will also decrease, giving you better odds of winning* than a regular “Rise” contract.



Take advantage of’s new Asian contracts and purchase your very first trade now!


Select your favourite Random Index

(1), Choose the duration by inserting the number of ticks

(2) Select your stake or the amount you’d like to receive upon expiry


The trade confirmation window provides you with full pricing information giving you a clear indication as to the potential payout or profit, the total cost of your trade and the last digit of the current spot price, all in real-time. Asian Contracts

As always provide a top class customer support team should you have any questions about their new Asian contracts and can be contacted at or via their online live chat.


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