Binary Options Signals, What are they?

Binary Options signals give traders a signal to place a binary options trade at certain price and moment in time and so increasing their chancing of predicting correctly the movement of an underlying asset.  These indicators are the result of computer software that analyse the price movement of an underlying asset and are becoming increasingly popular with binary option traders.


The concept of binary option trading comes from the world of forex trading and there are many professional traders who allow novice traders to watch them trading online in real time. This allows the novice trader to learn from the professional and copy their trades and is known as mirror trading and is a form of signal trading. This form of trading will involve the novice trader to pay a subscription to the professional trader and download software to enable them to view and hear in real time what the professional trader is trading in and why.


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There are other forms of signals and these are all delivered in different formats once a subscription to the service is paid. They mostly involve computer software analysing the asset price and once they believe they have found a suitable signal they send an SMS to the subscriber alerting them to the asset, entry price and the direction. This form of delivery is very popular due to the number of platforms that have mobile versions so traders can always access their accounts to trade.  Some alerts are delivered by email but SMS seems to be the preferred route.


A growing trend is for platform providers to be aligned with a signal provider and the alerts are all integrated within a trading account and there is the ability to automatically follow signals as they are issued, all a trader is required to do is set a stake amount and the system will automatically place a binary option trade as an alert is issued.


As with any system it is wise to choose a signal provider carefully, most offer a limited time trial period and without doubt that is the best way to go, it will then be possible to evaluate as to if the signals offered are reliable and suit your trading aims. It would also be advisable when using a new signal provider to utilise the offerings of a free demo account that many binary option brokers provide.