30 Day Change – Just not convinced


30 Day Change is claimed to be a unique binary option trading software programme that has been designed to enable practically anyone to profit from trading in binary options.


What are the claimed features of 30 Day Change?


  • Potential daily earnings of up to $700.
  • No charge to access this unique, incredibly powerful binary options trading system.
  • A step-by-step guide that explains the system, in simple words, so that anyone can easily understand how to get started.
  • Special access to the VIP area for signals from a leading options broker.
  • Personal coaching so that it’s certain each member is getting what they want out of the system.
  • This complete system does not cost any money up front, so that is a big benefit that should attract a lot of people. In order to join up and start
  • using the 30 Day Change software, you just need to simply register

  Like what you see and don’t want to read anymore you can simply register below

But  you should read

Now once registered it becomes apparent that the process is not all it’s made out to be

Once you have registered you are then directed to a binary option brokers website where you will need to deposit funds in orders to use the software.  So that is where my interest was lost. Basically this binary option broker will pay a commission/fee to the creators of 30DayChange for every depositing customer that signs up. That is the reason why they can claim to giving this amazing software away for FREE.


They have a compelling video on their sign up page which is hosted on YouTube (video below) but if you visit the YouTube site the comments section is disabled, Why??   You ask your-self, surely if the comments were going to be good it’s free advertising so any person in their right mind would want them.


Once up and running and if you are making profits 30DayChange will then take 3% of any profits that you manage to make.

But just to be clear they are not bothered by the 3% as they have already been paid a fee by the broker.


Have I tried – Basically no, I am not saying it’s a scam but it has all the normal traits.


Note: website 30DayChange no longer exist.