Binary Option Robot

Binary Option Robot is an automated binary option trade selector which helps traders to be more successful by using a computer algorithm to determine when to place trades automatically.

To gain a clearer understanding to how Binary Option Robot works in practice you can view the video below.

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Why use an automated system?  Main reason is there is no requirement to carry out technical analysis as the computer algorithm will performs all this for you. In order to benefit from Binary Option Robot you will first need to download the software and then all it takes is a few simple steps to start it working.

All it requires is a software download and a few simple steps to fire it up. Even though binary options eliminated most of the practical obstacles that were inherent to more complicated trading platforms of the past, some clients find it hard to learn all the aspect of fundamental and/or technical analysis. Binary Options robot is there to help you.


Binary Auto Trading Robot – Money Back Guarantee


Binary Options Robot is a piece of computer software which automates most of the trading process using advanced strategies. Traders are required to set some parameters, but the software does most of the work. Binary Options Robot has three trading systems:


1)      The Classic System always trades the same amount and same currency pairs pre-selected by the user;

2)      The Martingale System, which is considered most profitable, trades an amount which increases after a win and decreases after a trade suffers a loss. It will always revert to the initial lowest possible amount following a win.

3)      The Fibonacci system trades an amount that will increase after a loss and decreases following a winning trade. Each Fibonacci calculation gets executed individually, and it does so for each currency pairs selected by the user.


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Binary Option Robot is available for Mac and PC, and will soon be available for mobile use. There is a limited free version available, the full version offers much more functionality and ease of use. The   Free version lets users try the software but offers a scaled back version of the full paid for offering which will include


Free Version

Choice of one broker.
The three trading options Classic System, Martingale System and the Fibonacci system.
2 simultaneous trades.
2 currency pairs to trade.
5 minutes trades.
In Classic system minimum amount per trade is $20.


The full version 

Classic System, Martingale System and the Fibonacci trading systems.
7 simultaneous trades.
7 currency pairs.
Minimum trade size of $5 to a max of $100, depending on the broker
1/5/10/15/30/60 minutes trades.
Up- grades and updates and 60 days money back guarantee.


In order to use the auto trading function of the system you will need to set up a binary option trading account with one of the preferred brokers via the robot interface. The system will not operate with an account set up outside the robot interface.

Binary Option Robot is able to auto-trade on a selection of 3 binary options brokers:

  • Stockpair
  • Setoption
  • Topoption

Support and Services


Binary Options Robot allows you to trial the software and even after the purchasing the full package there is 60 days money back guarantee policy. Customer support is available via support desk or by phone.


Binary Auto Trading Robot – Money Back Guarantee

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