Larry’s Cash Machine – Just another ???

Larry’s Cash Machine


Well here is another piece of binary options trading software which claims to make you richer than you can ever believe by trading binary options using their new powerful software.




The developers claim that software has been developed by a Harvard professor and they also claim that he has made over $38 million in profits trading binary options.


Well here is my take on Larry’s Cash Machine.


During the video a well-spoken narrator claims that the software is so powerful that the U.S. Government wants it banned.   REALLY   If this was to be true this would be banned already and anyway the U.S. Government has absolutely nothing to do with binary options trading, so what is he on about? Well it’s obvious really he is just trying to suck you in.


The narrator goes to great lengths to explain how the system was developed and how the so called professor named Larry which we are told is not his real name and is most probably not even a real person. Now if it was a real professor you would be able to trace the name and what he actually achieved at Harvard.  There are also the now typical videos on hard life stories about fictitious people who have had their life changed by the so called software and I would guess (I don’t know) they are all part actors and have most probably never traded a binary option in their life.


And so the testimonials go on and on and on, each one seemingly praising the software and how well it works, they even have a Pastor praising its simplicity. All that is happening here is they are drawing you into the belief that you can change your life with just $250 (approx.) If it was so easy then nobody would be working a proper job.


Funny I just don’t believe it


YES the software is free that’s another great selling point but to actually use this so called revolutionary software you have to sign up with their recommended binary options broker and deposit the minimum into your new online account which will be around $250.  Now for every person who opens an account via the software the broker will pay a commission  to the software creator and that is how they make their money from this software and they will most probably make more from this than by trading using the software.


Is it a scam,  cant say for sure but I will not be wasting $250 to find out.


But after all its your money so if you want to see if what they say is true you can register below


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