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Looking to find out more about being a binary options trader? Are you new to or just thinking about starting binary options trading? Or even if you are already a binary options trader there is always something to learn and information that will broaden your knowledge. Whatever your level of experience there is one broker that provides a comprehensive binary options education center.

To view the new e-book visit the 24Option education center

24Option are a leading binary options broker based in Cyprus who are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission and are always looking to offer added value to their clients and more often than not just opening an account is all that is required to receive these benefits.

Within their education center there are many very useful e-books which were available to clients to download onto their computer to read at a convenient time. This time they have gone one better and launched an interactive e-book and the tag line to promote this new offering is

“Our platform is interactive, your eBook should be too”

The new interactive e-book covers all the topics that you would expect from the basics of what are binary options? How to place a trade and how to get the best out of the 24Option platform and more.  They also cover topics which are suited for more advanced traders such as “Trading Psychology” investigating what exactly is going on in an investor’s head while placing a trade.  The e-book also has detailed coverage of market analysis and trading strategies giving you a greater understanding of how certain technical analysis can help you when looking at an asset to trade. To keep you engaged and to ensure that you are taking all this new knowledge on board there is a test after every chapter which focuses on the subject covered.

To view the new e-book visit the 24Option education center


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