Dear Binary Options Brokers, Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You




Signing up for a binary options broker should be a relatively hassle free procedure after all you have made your choice, hopefully after doing your own research on the broker and reviewing their website and checking what they have to offer. Hassle free it certainly is as far as the simplicity of signing up but no sooner have you hit the enter button your phone is ringing and yes it’s the broker on the phone trying to tempt you to instantly deposit funds.

Are they really that desperate to get your hard earned money and so desperate they offer what seems an unbelievable initial bonus which just happens to be wrapped in terms such X20, X30, or higher trade volume which is not worth a single penny to the 99.9% of new sign ups? After all if it was going to cost the broker money why would they make what seems such a generous offer.

On the phone they are mainly polite and professional as you would expect, after all they are after you to deposit money, however I do object to be calling ‘Mate’ on the first call! After all I do not know them and they don’t know me so how can I be a mate? Then the emails start, offering you ever increasing bonuses on your initial deposit, that is if you deposit an amount which is larger than the minimum. In my personal view it’s like walking into a shop, if the sales person comes straight over and starts trying to sell me something, I walk out, if I have a question I will ask for help and that should be the same for brokers.

All the brokers provide multiple communication channels and if I need something I will make contact, I don’t need or want it rammed down my throat. I am not against the odd email after all it a business and they are entitled to let their clients old and new know if they have promotions etc. but every day is a joke. In my view if I get the high pressure sales treatment to deposit funds then that broker is not for me. What would be good and in an ideal world would be an option on sign up ‘Please don’t contact me by phone’. Now not all brokers work on this basis but a majority do and the more congested the world of binary options become I guess this will only get worse.

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