Morning Report: Earnings Help Buck Rate Hike Fears





Fri, 30 Jan 2015

  • This morning, financial markets are tucking back slightly after a late rally on the S&P 500 last night. This was largely inspired by corporate earnings from McDonalds and Boeing. The dollar index is dancing a similar tune as the highs remain in sight.

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30-01-2015 08-23-52

  • The Australian dollar continues to weaken on speculation that the RBA will cut interest rates at their meeting last week. Australian equities enjoyed the news, not so the Aussie dollar.

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30-01-2015 08-25-35

  • The euro is firm this morning, having made back 3/4 of Wednesday’s losses.

30-01-2015 08-25-53

  • The yen continues to back and fill, this time to the downside after slightly below par housing starts data.

30-01-2015 08-24-33

  • Finally, gold is recovering some of its poise after heavy selling yesterday.

30-01-2015 08-24-13

Coming up today:
  • Coming up today we have UK net lending to individuals at 09.30.
  • This is followed by European CPI flash estimate at 10.00 and unemployment claims.
  • Canadian and US GDP follows at 13.30. With Chicago PMI at 14.45.
Trade Idea:
  • With a rate cut in the offing and the US dollar heading in a different trajectory, the Australian dollar could have further downside from here.

30-01-2015 08-25-14

  • A good way to play this is a LOWER trade predicting that the AUD/ USD will close below 0.7700 in 35 days for a potential return of 133%

30-01-2015 08-46-41

This is presented as an idea to stimulate fixed odds financial betting ideas and is not financial advice.


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