Morning Report: Euro Steadies As NY Hit By Big Freeze




Tue, 27 Jan 2015

  • This morning, stock markets are slightly negative, while the dollar index peels back ahead of the big freeze (and shut down) hitting New York City. Markets are also eyeing Apple and Yahoo’s results released later.

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  • The euro continues to out perform, with the impact of the Greek election result clearly limited so far. Both the EUR/ USD and EUR/ GBP are set to put two consecutive up days together for the first time this month.

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  • Elsewhere, the yen pairs are on the back foot, with the USD/ JPY down 0.34%. The EUR/ JPY is unchanged however as it fights the general trend.

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Coming up today:
  • Coming up today we have UK preliminary GDP, alongside BBA mortgage approvals at 09.30.
  • From 13.30, we switch to core durable goods, with CB consumer confidence and new home sales following at 15.00.
Trade Idea:
  • While the dollar is pulling back, the USD/ CAD is still holding the highs this morning as oil prices drip back towards the lows.

27-01-2015 08-16-50

  • The trend is still strong for the pair, which points to more upside potential from here. A good way to play this is a HIGHER trade predicting that the USD/ CAD will close above 1.2500 in 7 days time for a potential return of 116%.

27-01-2015 08-38-15

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