Trade Bitcoin using Binary Options






Bitcoin the new digital currency is priced against more conventional currencies such as the US dollar to get a value so price is constantly moving, one way you can get involved is to trade the price movements using binary options.


Trading bitcoin on Binary options is simple —- its just 3 simple steps

1) Select the amount that you wish to invest ( stake)

2) Select over what time period you wish run your trade (Expiry time)

3) Then select which way the price is going to move.

If you think the price is going up from where it currently is you simply click the UP button and if the price at the expiry time you will be In the Money (ITM) and you will have a winning trade on the example below you will make a return of 73%.

However if the prices is lower at the expiry time you will be deemed to be Out of the Money (OTM) and you will loose your initial investment (stake)
Bitcoin Binary options


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